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We provide entertainment for any event. Live Pop/Rock music from the 80s to today. Some of our influences include Police, Rush, The Cure, The Struts, The Revivalists, U2, and more. The musicians that make up this band have been playing for many years. It was Juan Ito’s idea to come up with this dream team. He always wondered how awesome it would be to have all of them work together. After Juan’s many years of performing with different bands, he thought it would be time to “own it” as they say. After a few changes in the band’s infrastructure, Juanabe became settled. And the rest is history. In 2018, Juanabe was born.



And then there is Juan. Juan has been a musician playing all over Miami with different bands for many years. But like we said earlier. It was time to create a band with musicians who believed in a bigger picture. Juan plays guitar, composes and sings. One of the greatest things that this band has that sets us apart from others out there is the ability to harmonize and interact musically in a deeper level. It is important for the music to hug the voice or in this case, voices. Robert, Luis and Juan’s harmonies add dynamics and texture to the tunes. Making our live performances something to write home about.


Luis Beyra is an incredible bass player/composer/DJ/percussionist/guitarist etc., etc. Luis is in charge of sound, graphics, website design, and of course the bass. As a DJ, he has been in the scene for many years mixing all over Miami. Luis is married and has 2 amazing boys. He has been in the music business since the early 90s. Juan and Luis worked together for many years in other bands. Luis, Juan and Felix Rodriguez, drummer, are like family and are part of the original band Air Radio.


Robert Gonzalez has been playing piano for many years with different jazz and Latin bands. Rob is our spiritual guru. He is what all of us aspire to be like. Great friend, master of patience, husband, father with an amazing giving heart. This is his first time joining a rock band playing intricate sounds to compliment the tunes. Robert is an educated musician who is not only an astounding pianist, but his knowledge of theory and composition are what makes him an integral part of this band.


Luis Lopez (Lu), the latest addition to Juanabe, is a seasoned musician that has been performing guitar, bass, and vocals, for decades. He is a husband and father of two beautiful girls, who are also musicians. Luis played with Robert for many years in Latin Groove, and currently plays with his two daughters in a worship band named The Call (IG – @thecallmiami)
His guitar playing spanning many styles and excellent ability to harmonize vocally adds a new dimension to the band’s already energetic party sound.


Albert Fortes is, wow, where do I begin? He is a luthier, an electrical whiz kid, a guitarist, a joker, a friend, and a brother. Albert is the glue that holds us together. The key to a great rock band is a guitarist. The chemistry we have with Albert is exceptional. Just like all of us, the attention to detail is key to Albert. You can tell in the guitars he makes, the instruments he repairs, and in the way he pays tribute to the guitarist in the song by accurately choosing the correct sounds to create the vibe the original artist tried to convey. @sixstringtheory


Felix Rodriguez is an exceptional drummer and time keeper. He is very meticulous when it comes to giving the songs what it needs to make it sound like the original but with a touch of his own style. He is a husband and father of 2 beautiful girls and, although he is an amazing drummer and very sought out by other bands, he is very particular about who he plays for. Time is of the essence. To play in a band whose musicians treat their craft with importance and attention to detail is his priority.
Juanabe was originally Juan’s creation but it has become a collaboration of 5 great musicians with a common purpose. That is to entertain and challenge ourselves to become better. Juanabe is us, Juanabe is you. We all strive to be different and better. We all “Juanabe” remembered for what we contributed to this world. The smiles on people’s faces when we play is our contribution. What’s yours?

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10dec8:00 pmJUANABE at Voodoo Bayou - Dec 11 - 8PM

17dec8:00 pmJuanabe at Yumbrella December 17th at 8PM


No Events


No Events

Our Favorite Venues

Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern
Sunset Tavern
Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company
Marlins Park
Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill
Bitter Truth
World of Beer – Dadeland
Legends Lounge
Mangos in Las Olas
Bar Nancy
Titanic Brewery
Black Point Ocean Grill
Shots Miami
Casino Miami
Grove Bay Grill
Pub 935

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